Member Feature: Tommy Teepell on Resounding Trajectories


Chief Marketing Officer, Lamar Advertising

@tteepell and @LamarOOH

It’s rare that we learn of the career trajectories of successful professionals. Here, Tommy Teepell, CMO at Lamar Advertising, bares all. He tells us of his start in out of home advertising after exiting a position with IBM. Albeit a risky move at the time, he reflects on this transition to OOH as being the best career move he’s ever made.

How did you get into the OOH industry?

Kevin Reilly Jr. was my path to OOH. Any success I have enjoyed was simply because of Kevin and Sean Reilly. Let me explain, I graduated from LSU in Accounting and like Randy Newman says, “I came in dumb and went out too.” I joined KPMG, a public accounting firm and began a career in tax and auditing. I became aware of two things immediately: I hated my life and I suck...

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